Monday, 5 November 2007

Stella's Cake

Stella's Cake
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Stella, a work colleague and good friend of mine is left her job as a receptionist at the hospital where I work to run a pub with her husband.

On Friday we had a little gathering for her and I made the cake. A very apt cake it was too - Choco-Guinness Cake, adapted from Feast by Nigella Lawson. The cake was soaked with a Guinness syrup and then topped with a creme fraiche and white chocolate topping.

The cute little cake topper was a lovely gift from my friend Violets. I filled it with a cocoa powder paste and a little of the topping in an attempt to make it look like a pint of 'the black stuff'.

It might not have been the prettiest cake ever but it was very moist and flavoursome, as Nigella says, this cake has a "resonant, ferrous tang" and is absolutely delicious. The cocoa powder really wasn't an overpowering flavour but just added a roundness.

This could be the start of good things as I've already had a few orders for cakes for other upcoming occasions. Needless to say I'm rather pleased.

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