Thursday, 18 October 2007

I must be crazy

I really must have gone totally crazy to be starting up a blog spot. I already spend enough time saying I don't have enough time for all my day to day activities as it is, and here I am starting a new task.

As every venture into my kitchen (of for that matter into a 'food/kitchen' shop) is an adventure of sorts it seemed only natural that this should bear some weight in the choosing of my blog title. The Kitchen Goddess part came about because it is the name I use on many of the forums I belong to, and I'm actually quite fond of it now.

Well I hope to be able to post daily, but, I think it may in reality be every few days that a post is completed.


Hetteke said...

I like you crazy! I'm sure you'll get your priorities right, KG. Food first, everything else second!

Kitchen Goddess said...

Thank you Het.
I like your thinking - good food first, everything else can wait.

Anonymous said...

Well done KG!!!!!
And you're not crazy at all, on the contrary it's the good food which keeps you sane......
xxx C

Anonymous said...

Well done George, I don't know how you find the hours in the day, I will look forward to following this. Jay. XX

annauk said...

Congratulations on starting your blog KG!

Brenda said...

This is lovely and so clever of you George. Well done and good luck

Brenda xxx

Ms O said...

Congrats George!

A foodie blog suits you well.


Paola said...

Hi George!

Oh cool! You have a blog! Will continue to read it...and have added it to my list of favorites. :)


Anonymous said...

KG! I'm full of admiration that not only do you have a full time job, 2 dogs and loads of ambition but you also have now started your own blog...and what a great one it is too! Well done and all the best!